While there are several home rule communities in Colorado that do have breed specific laws, Mesa County is a statutory county and breed specific legislation is prohibited by the State of Colorado. The mission of Lakewood Animal Control is to provide safety and public service to residents while protecting the welfare of animals through enforcement and education. Health. County Ordinances. Local Animal Control Agencies. We are contracted with the City of Fort Collins, City of Loveland and unincorporated areas of Larimer County to enforce and uphold local and state animal protection and control laws and ordinances. Rabies Control. For more information on the most recent animal requirements, restrictions and regulations, read through Chapter 11 of the Code of Colorado Regulations. Disease Control. Allowed uses may vary due to zoning and parcel size. A. Title 25. § 25-4-601. The City of Thornton, Colorado, offers a comprehensive list -- with phone numbers and addresses -- for local agencies in the Denver metro area that deal with animals and animal control issues. Visit the pages listed below to see what types of services Animal Control officers respond to regarding offenses of the municipal code. Part 6. Animal control officers investigate animal abuse and provide services, including Leash Law (PDF) enforcement, regulating barking dogs, regulating vicious/dangerous dogs, rabies control, bite quarantines and courtesy dead-animal removal. A Community Services officer is normally available seven days a week to address animal complaints and questions, including issues of nuisance barking, loose dogs, animal bites, animal neglect and cruelty, dog and cat licensing, and all other issues addressed by Parker’s animal code. Adams County... 720-523-6777. Animal Code Regulations. Animals and animal-related uses are allowed on most properties in Larimer County. Aurora... 303-326-8288. No. Adams County Animal Management Officers respond to and handle a variety of animal-control calls, including animal bite or attack, vicious or dangerous dog, stray animals, animal neglect or abuse, and unreasonable animal noise (barking, howling, etc.). Credits Added by Laws 2013, Ch. The mission of the Animal Control Unit is to provide safety and public service to the citizens of Cañon City while also protecting the welfare of animals through enforcement and education. CRS 18-9-202 is the Colorado statute that prohibits cruelty to animals.This section makes it a crime to abuse, neglect, or abandon an animal for which the person has responsibility.Prosecutors can file this charge as a misdemeanor or a felony, and a conviction can carry up to 18 months of jail or prison on a first offense.. There are different regulations dealing with horses, livestock, chickens, pet animals, pet animal facilities, and veterinary facilities. Dogs (canis lupus familiaris) and cats (felis catus) that are adopted from Colorado animal shelters and rescues are hereby made and declared to be the state pets of the state of Colorado. 207, § 1, eff. Aug. 7, 2013. The Colorado Department of Agriculture has a handy tool that allows you to select the state you’re moving from and the type of animal you have, and lists the specific regulations that apply. Mesa County Animal Services strictly enforces state and local animal laws based on an animal’s behavior. Boulder County Animal Control... 303-441-3626 Resources Barking Dogs Wildlife Concerns? Those individuals defined as "enforcement agents/license officers" in Section 6.04.040 shall have the nonexclusive authority to enforce the provisions of this chapter, and within the meaning of Section 30-15-102(3), C.R.S., as amended, shall be considered County Animal Control Officers. Disease Control. The Colorado Association of Animal Control Officers (CAACO) is a non-profit organization formed in 1975 to improve the methods of animal control practice, infor Article 4. Investigations. Arvada... 720-898-6850. Our Animal Protection and Control team works around-the-clock to ensure Northern Colorado is a great place for pets and people alike. For dead wildlife removal from roads, see compliance information.

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