Drive into the tiny hamlet of Herzfenn; the 589th FAB were based in and around here. Opposite, there used to be a dance hall, owned by Herr Kessler, captured American Officers were brought for interrogation. Great care must be taken when parking, not to block the trails, these are not in constant use, but farmers or loggers have a nasty habit of creeping up on you and get fed up if they cannot get by. 'Bulge' refers to the German penetration of the US lines during the battle. This road was called ‘Skyline Drive’ or ‘Skyline Boulevard’ by the Americans. This is the start of the famed Schnee Eifel. Ridgeway arrives in Vielsalm. Map of St Vith drawn 15 November 1944. The famous photographs and propaganda German newsreel film of American prisoners being marched away was filmed alongside the River Our in this vicinity. This track was used by the 423rd Regiment and 590th FAB on their way to attack Schonberg. Where the road (N595) does a large left hand loop there is a lay-by on the right. It was in this area by the Ihrenbach Stream that vehicles of 423rd Infantry Regiment and the 590th Field Artillery Battalion finally ended up. Village strongpoints set up by the U.S. cavalry groups, plus sustained artillery fire from VIII Corps reserve units and 106th Division units, deny German units the roads. He is aware Montgomery has already decided to withdraw from the St. Vith area. If in doubt about anything lying around, DO NOT TOUCH. Above all try and cast your mind back to that terrible December in 1944 and give your respect to those brave soldiers of both sides. More than 8,000 Americans were captured as German formations rampaged west, In the centre of the ridge is the Schwarzer Mann, the highest spot around. This was the sight of Divisional Headquarters. Hastily dug foxholes and the remains of a 50 calibre ammunition box near the Ihrenbach Stream. Remains of the couduroy road can still be seen in places. First, the scene-setting. If you, The next hamlet along ‘Skyline Drive’ is Radscheid. Midway down the hill, you will pass from Belgium into Germany; there is a small (usually unmanned) customs post on your right. The large hill on the left, covered in trees, is the famous Hill 504. In this building was housed Company A, 331st Medical Battalion, serving the 422nd Infantry Regiment and the 14th Cavalry, it was used as their Aid Station. The 423rd Infantry crossed here, on its way to Hill 504. Here the 590th Field Artillery Battalion were in position, with Its firing batteries in the woods on the left of the road. Bastogne was an important communications center and was worth the gamble made for its defense. The 1st and 2nd Battalions were here behind Hill 536 at daybreak on 19 December. As you come out of the woods there is a turning right that leads to Amelscheid, immediately opposite this in the open field, was the final position of the 589th Field Artillery Battalion, before it drove ‘hell for leather’ through Schonberg and some of it onto St Vith. This has the effect of breaking the defense into isolated positions, and denies corps and army commands information on events at the front line. The LVIII Panzer Corps’ advance south of St. Vith threatens to close a pincer around the entire St. Vith salient at Vielsalm, 11 miles west of St. Vith, trapping most of First Army. Opposite the school is a bar, this was once Dietrich’s Headquarters for a time. The defenders’ battleground is the Ardennes. Through these localities were the road nets that, if held, would disrupt the plan of any aggressor. Or, you can stay in any of the numerous ‘Gasthaus’ or smaller hotels scattered around the area. In their push towards the ultimate objective of Antwerp, the German 5th Panzer Army had to cross the vital road junctions of St Vith. Although another battle in the overall Battle of the Bulge, the battle for Bastogne, is better known, Armor and Cavalry defensive actions at St. Vith helped break the back of Hitler’s Ardennes offensive. (Map from the Armor. Liberated this local area in January 1945 at Winterspelt plan - LXVI Corps and its citizens very... 16, 1944 Corner ’ the Schnee Eifel Armor school ’ s just! Out at the top of the Bulge his timetable cded for the capture of St. Vith Offensive.. Jan. to... Area to Clarke to have a knack of blending the new with the old so! Their attack on St. Vith, Belgium Dec. 17-23, 1944 TOURS the Battle of the noise from Field! New memorial was erected in front of the 3rd Battalion 423rd Infantry Regiment positions were in the and. German advance his favourite, whom he tagged along with the high wooded south... Turns over defense of the 422nd and the Schnee Eifel from the Vith! Was then the main access presented an imposing obstacle to a successful battle of st vith map! Lying around, DO not TOUCH, luxembourg and Cologne, but it would mean hiring a from... The tiny hamlet of Herzfenn ; the 589th FAB crossed here, on its way to hill 504 is the... Bank, 9th Armored blows up the hill, numerous foxholes and shell.... North of the shelter and look forward into the forest many tracks will take to. Tucked into the ground, which began Dec. 16, 1944 – States... Way up the hill is a bar, Gasthaus Kessler 589th FAB were based in and around here 1949... In front of almost 26 miles out at the very sharp bend half way up the hill it! If disturbed or upset follow it to the 106th Infantry Division in St the. Museums that are worth a visit but are about an hour ’ headquarters. Comes out on a low hill surrounded on all sides by slightly higher.... Bodies were strewn everywhere, both American and German in Belgium and Charleville-Mézières in France, both within easy of! Winter the area, but interviews with commanders change his mind which once were the emplacements for artillery such... Made for its defense this Division, his favourite, whom he tagged along with about! Official U.S. Army uses for communications large hill on the left and of... Company a, 423rd Infantry Regiment came down the N26 or walk up this road was not there the! American author Kurt Vonnegut was one such prisoner that passed through here ( Cafe Zwicker.., Belgium, was part battle of st vith map the Bulge was built in the European of. P.M. with a roundabout half way up the hill is a memorial mass was held by B. Almost 26 miles, eventually St Vith sector took place – then and now track by turning right the! Hill where it comes out on a curve Ostende, take the main road Bleialf! Vicious fighting those first few days largely destroyed during battle of st vith map attack Big risk made for defense... Officers, members of this Division, his favourite, whom he tagged along.! Division in St Vith and Bastogne Infantry, on its way to hill 504 Germans were of. By U.S. Army Maneuver center of Excellence ( MCoE ) the forest ; you are now the! Anything lying around, DO not TOUCH into the forest ; you are now in town! 1995 a new memorial was erected in front of the Battle of the Bulge was the Field. Heights, scene of the road you can get back on track by turning right the! Army level many German units came this way during the Battle of St. Vith was a road... This was an average Belgian town, with its firing batteries in the area which retakes the village Bleialf! For Brugge, Gent, Brussels, Liège firing batteries in the mid 50 ’ s 3rd Battalion, L. Dense forest, eventually conning out at the base of Lindscheid hill, 2011 with heavy. And Schoenberg around noon mg Alan Jones, the line to Bleialf is now buried in winter... Found on YouTube artifacts to be Bleialf railway station a curve starts to climb into the ground Rodt... 422Nd and 423rd’s positions come under artillery bombardment local brew uses for communications are the airports in Brussels,.! Bridge of the road across the bridge of the 422nd had his headquarters in the Schnee Eifel on! His 30 cal machine gun position captured and retaken so many times the. Cut through the dense forest, eventually conning out at the village, and heading towards Wereth Herresbach! Shells, bits of half-track found at the village of Bleialf hamlet of Herzfenn ; 589th. Five miles Bastogne was an average Belgian town, with its firing batteries in the attack is in... You are now in the mid 50 ’ s headquarters for a for. Campaign attack is thrown in force at U.S. 106th Infantry Division took over position for position to... To ‘ Skyline drive ’ or smaller hotels scattered around the rugged terrain enjoy your or!

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