If you choose to do a double major in your BSc we recommend the following subjects to complement Psychology: Anthropological Science, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Exercise Sciences, Geography, Pharmacology, Physics, Physiology and Statistics. Which is best to use as a major and a minor? Social work or Education. AD. "Minors, along with double majors, are increasingly popular as students try to master multiple subjects on the way to flexible careers or future education," suggested Michelle Slatalla in an article for The New York Times. Find Your School Select a Degree Level. This combination is helpful in fields such as marketing, advertising, management and consulting. What is a good double major for marketing? Select a Subject. Unfortunately, Psychology majors are probably the least likely major to find a job in their field, and Music majors are close behind. Getting a major in Econ (or whatever)/CS (or EE, CompE, etc) if you want to pursue a development type job would not be very beneficial. Psychology offers important insights into the mind. Economics majors learn about the history of economic systems, as well as finance and business skills. I also know that because of the powerful combination of these majors, my skill set will be a lot different than a lot of my peers. You can still acquire a double major easily and graduate within four years and pursue an … I will choose whoever defends their answer the best. Students double majoring in engineering and natural sciences earned an average salary of $78,342; those double majoring in education and a social science earned $45,491. Update: It isn't a waste of time or money. Best double major for Psychology? My best reccommendation for choosing a major, choosing a career, or choosing anything for that matter, is to follow your interests. To double major, he'd go for the BA, and would get great hands on experience and stage manage productions. I will have many different opportunities because of the versatility of these majors. Double-majoring is an excellent way to increase the value of your degree. People searching for Double Major in Psychology & Criminology found the links, articles, and information on this page helpful. Search Colleges. The top minors that pair well with a psychology major include social work, marketing, communications, women’s and gender studies and Spanish. Marketing Major Minors Graphic Design International Business Organizational Communication Social Media Analytics Consumer Psychology Becoming a dual threat by adding a minor to accompany your marketing degree could help you stand out in today's fast-paced advertising arena. Our students describe the joint major experience as having the best of both worlds. I'll most likely work for the police in some way, hopefully doing some form of counseling. Dual Major Options for Nursing Students. Students who wish to double major in East Asian Studies and Anthropology may take up to 6 credit hours (2 courses) that will count toward satisfying the requirements of both majors. 1 decade ago. Also, what are the salary ranges for each career area? Unlike clinical psychologists, many IO psychologists complete their formal education with a terminal master’s degree in psychology. Anonymous. Doing a double major with Psychology. Some students will feel more prepared for our Psychology … Select a Category. It's probably more common to see schools that offer a sociology major with a criminology track. I didn't realize how much it helped me until I got to grad school. AD. Specifically, it really helped me hone my writing abilities. First Answer: This may seem like an outrageous statement, but when it comes right down to it, it may not really matter what you major in during college. Please explain the majors benefits, I like the entertainment world or the sales world. I think it's important that she have a realistic idea of psychology, though. The Psychology double major will help you develop a scientific understanding of human thoughts and behaviours, the psychological processes underlying these and the relationship of these processes to brain function. Chiao Staff answered 5 years ago. In addition, they have a wonderful undergrad Business school (Marshall) and many students double major in Marshall. For example, a double major in Chemistry and English requires two distinctly different tracks that rarely intersect, so it could take an extra year to get to the finish line. A CJ + psychology major is do-able, and there may be some overlap. Obtaining a double major can still be useful and beneficial. Select a Subject. This an extremely open ended question, but I am interested to see what you all come up with. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a career in psychology … At my college, I have to spend four years here. Sociology/criminal justice double majors may count up to six hours of approved criminal justice courses toward their sociology major. Favorite Answer. Marketing was included in the United States' "10 Most Popular Majors" by CNN for an average … Common Double Major Combinations. Agreements allow students to share some course requirements for the following double major/dual degree combinations: East Asian Studies and Anthropology Double Major. This double major combination gives insight into all aspects of both disciplines, allowing you to specialize in either field, both of which are vast in terms of career potential. Hi Michael, As far as I know, UofT does not offer dual degrees at the undergraduate level. Therefore help me out with another major to decide on. online-psychology-degrees.org is an … Here is our list of 5 winning major combos and why we think you should consider them: Accounting and Finance. My goal is to open up my own Therapy practice and with that in mind, I was wondering what other majors are good to get with Psychology to help boost my Income. You can combine courses in the arts, sciences, or business programs. Select a Category. 10 double major combinations that are worth the additional time and effort One of the perks of being at W. P. Carey is the business core that every major, from finance to public policy, shares. TopRNtoBSN.com is an advertising-supported site. Pursue your passions and launch your career with a professional profile as unique as you are through Trent’s joint major programs. Find Your Degree! Answer Save. Many psychology students can't write a well structured paper for shit. A major in the science, technology, engineering or mathematics, either as a single major or part of a double major, fared appreciably better than other double-major combinations. Some of the best double majors for business administration can highlight a core MBA subject such as finance, marketing, strategy, or economics. Cornell also distinguishes itself with their One Course At A Time curriculum. The most important thing is getting the degree. Both fields are something that you should only study because you love the field, and not so much because you think that you will be able to find a job in that industry. I am going to major in marketing, and I'm thinking about another major to fall back on. Best Undergrad Major/Double Major/Minor Combinations? Unlike other programs on our list where students fully design their degree, Cornell has students combine disciplines from a given list, and allows them to double major in a traditional program. What is the BEST double major combination? Hey all :) I am currently getting my Bachelor's degree in Psychology and I am planning on going to Grad school for clinical Psychology. A double major is one of the recommended combinations of programs required to get your degree. Is a Criminal Justice and Psychology double major a good combination? I was a double major in psych and philosophy (mostly philosophy of mind stuff). I recently received an email from a young reader who read my blog about the value of a Classics major and expressed surprise and excitement that one could major … Psychology major creative writing minor Py 399 required course may count it has among states and learning-memory. I don't think there is a right answer to this question as it is very subjective, … 5 Answers. What’s your advice to a new student who’s considering a double major? Preparing for your Psychology major. Double major in psychology and creative writingHowever, it recently dawned on me that I was only settling for education because I wasn't really sure of what double major in psychology and creative writing I wanted to do. Can’t decide between two programs? Best Answer. If you wish to work as an IO psychologist in a technology firm, a minor or second major in computer programming or a related course of study may also be helpful. A double major is a major in sociology and another major in a different discipline. Alternatively, an MBA double major could be in … Select a Degree Level. 6 double majors share their best tips. That would depend on what it is you are interested in doing after college! Both disciplines compliment each other by revealing key things about the other. I am considering using psychology as a major and business as a minor in college. With a double major in biology and psychology you are prepared to attend graduate school and become a psychologist. I'd like to get either a masters or doctorate in psych and become a forensic psychologist in the long run. SEARCH NOW. At Trent you don’t have to! Students take one class for eighteen days that meets for three to four hours. My older son is currently taking an entrepreneurship class there (not a biz major) and is knocked out by the quality of speakers they bring onto campus every week. Instead of choosing a double major, they can get experience in two different fields with a major and a minor. In fact, the only difference between most majors is a total of six courses, which, with proper planning can be finished on time or even early. A common double-major combination is sociology and criminal justice (CJ). Relevance. In today’s ever-expanding technological advancements, we see that the common major/minor combination is usually: Finance/accounting/business administration + any computational science or programming degree. (Originally Posted: 11/14/2012) Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am new here and have been looking through lots of threads which were very helpful. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. Psychology on its own is pretty worthless in the job market unless you get your PhD….or teach at a community college. By Contributing Editor. Depends on your interests and career goals. A double major with one major in and one out of the sciences may be a little more doable, though it could also lengthen your college path.

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